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General Cemetery

Benalla Cemetery, General Cemetery & Old Cemetery Benalla Cemetery, General Cemetery & Old Cemetery

Rich in Australian history, the Benalla General Cemetery has some seven thousand burials.

A number of walks may be made around the graves, with tour guides supplied by the Benalla Family History Group

The General Cemetery is divided into denominational sections, clearly marked for easy reference. Among the granite monuments are found a number of very interesting and unique memorials, in honour of the men, women & children buried there.

Lawn Cemetery

Benalla Cemetery, The Lawn Benalla Cemetery, The Lawn

Established at the beginning of the seventies, the Benalla Lawn Cemetery is a relatively "recent" addition to the cemetery facility.

Visitors and locals alike always comment on the beautifully kept grounds, along with the bright and colourful display of flowers that adorn the headstones

The bronze plaque memorials are all of a uniform size, and can accommodate one, two, or even three internments.

Cremated Remains

Benalla Cemetery, The Columbarium Wall Benalla Cemetery, The Columbarium Wall

Cremated remains may be interred just about anywhere within the cemetery grounds, but the Lawn Cemetery has a number of provisions for this.

The Columbarium Wall and Ground Sections are located on the right as you walk through the main entrance of the cemetery

The Rose Hedge along the front fence of the Lawn Cemetery is also very popular, as is the placement of ashes at the foot of a shrub or tree around the perimeter of the cemetery grounds. Ashes may also be interred at the base of a lawn headstone, conditional upon the family or grave owner's permission.