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Colin Henry ATKINSON

Died/Interred Tue 1st Aug 2006
Age 79 Years
Birth Year 1927*
Late Residence Benalla
Compartment Lawn
Section N
Plot Number 76
* Birth year is estimated from age at time of passing. It is supplied as a guide only and may conflict with information shown in any memorial photograph or annotated notes.

Headstone for Colin Henry ATKINSON

Additional Records for ATKINSON

Name Age Interred/Passed Away
BRENDA OLWYN 64 Years Sat 20th Jul 1996
ISABEL 87 Years Thu 19th Sep 1957
IVY GLADYS 84 Years Thu 21st Dec 2000
REGINALD CHARLES 55 Years Thu 30th Apr 1936
DARCY HAYES 2 Years Sat 2nd Mar 2013

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