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Benalla Cemetery Records

The online cemetery records database offers a new insight into the Benalla Cemetery and all those that are remembered here.

Why the records are incomplete.

Many years ago the records were stored in a shed and the white ants (termites) got into the books and destroyed parts of them.

Many records in the system show interred dates as opposed to the date where an individual passed on. In time this will change and the records will offer updated information that offers both.

Please bear with us whilst we update the system, this will be a gradual process and therefore your patience is appreciated.

Family History and Genealogical Research

The Benalla Cemetery register has been painstakingly transcribed, in part, to provide an indexed online database that contains over 8,500 individual records comprising 2,166 unique surnames. In many cases a person's individual record is accompanied by a photograph of the memorial itself.

For the curious, family historian and genealogist alike this database provides a comprehensive bank of information that is freely accessible to everyone. As with all transcriptions from any data source, errors can occur and although we have made every effort to provide accurate information we cannot guarantee that the data is free from error.

To that end we have provided a simple mailform where you are invited to submit queries regarding an individual for review and thus help us to provide every visitor with historically accurate information.

For further information, including family research requests, please see our resources page.

Mortality in the region

This website also offers a graphical analysis of deaths in the Benalla region from the early 19th Century to the present day by use of a histogram generated from the data currently held within the Benalla Cemetery online database.

The statistics cover:

  • The crude death rate, the total number of deaths.
  • The perinatal mortality rate, the sum of neonatal deaths and fetal deaths (stillbirths).
  • The infant mortality rate, the number of deaths of children less than 1 year old.
  • The child mortality rate, the number of deaths of children less than 5 years old.
  • The standardised mortality rate (SMR) or age-specific mortality rate (ASMR) which refers to the total number of deaths of people of a given age, usually above 16 years

Mortality that affects various regions are:

  • Age of country's or region's population
  • Nutrition levels
  • Standards of diet and housing
  • Access to clean drinking water
  • Hygiene levels
  • Levels of infectious diseases
  • Levels of violent crime
  • Conflicts
  • Number of doctors

You can view the graphical statistics by clicking here.